Steven Francesco, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Steven Francesco is Chairman and CEO of Cohere Communications. Prior to founding Cohere, Mr. Francesco was CEO of U.S. Operations and a member of the Board of Directors at China to Net. Before China to Net, Mr. Francesco joined Netrix Corporation as its Chairman and CEO with the goal of refocusing the company to provide voice/data telecommunications solutions. To that end, he facilitated a strategic merger with OpenRoute and acquired AetherWorks. The resulting company, re-named Nx Networks, offered a comprehensive suite of secure voice communications over Internet Protocol and partnered with industry leaders, such as Motorola, Siemens, and Alcatel. Mr. Francesco provided overall strategic direction and positioned Nx Networks as an industry leader in the Internet-based voice communications market. During his tenure, the company’s value rose from $18 million to its peak of $1.32 billion.


Elliot Stein

Elliot Stein is a Member of the Board of Directors at Cohere Communications. As a director, partner and investor of traditional communications companies, Mr. Stein brings management and problem-solving expertise in communications businesses to the Cohere Board. Mr. Stein is Chairman of Caribbean International News Corporation and the owner of El Vocero de Puerto Rico, a large circulation daily paper in San Juan. He is also a shareholder and member of the Board of Directors of Cloud, LLC and VTG Holdings, Inc., manufacturers of machinery, cable and wire products. Additionally, Mr. Stein was a general partner of Television Station Partners, which owned and operated four television stations. He is Managing Director of Commonwealth Capital Partners, a private equity fund. Mr. Stein was formerly a Director of the Alliance Technology Fund, as well as the Director of Play Power Inc., a manufacturer of playground equipment. He also serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of the New School University and Claremont Graduate University.

Andrew Russin

Andrew Russin is a Member of the Board of Directors at Cohere Communications. Mr. Russin is the founder and Managing Director of JR Marketing, LLC, which provides consulting and marketing services to hedge funds, funds of funds, and private equity funds, including Gladiator Funds, Verity Investment Partners, Landmark Capital, Paladin Homeland Security Fund, and Gartemore Riverview International Group. Prior to his marketing career, Mr. Russin practiced law and developed two joint ventures, including a money management services company to the credit union industry, and a firm securitizing multi-family mortgages. In addition, he has served in the Office of the Chairman of Patrick Media Group, an outdoor advertising acquisition and disposition company. Mr. Russin was Executive Vice President of Eccleston Properties and on the Tax Staff of Andersen and Co. In 2002, Mr. Russin served on the steering committee that formed the Mid Atlantic Hedge Fund Association and in 2003, became President and initiated the inaugural Outlook for Hedge Funds Conference. Mr. Russin holds a B.S. from the University of Scranton and a JD-LLM from Temple University School of Law.

Jamie Covello

Jamie Covello is a Member of the Board of Directors at Cohere Communications. Ms. Covello is Executive Director of the New York office of Cushman-Wakefield, a global leader in commercial real estate. During her three decades-plus career at Cushman-Wakefield, she has developed extensive experience in landlord and tenant representation, corporate occupiers, and mergers and acquisition services, including due diligence and HQ rationalization. Ms. Covello’s client focus is primarily within the corporate sector, supporting real estate advisory and transactions for companies in New York City and portfolio-wide. Corporate clients Ms. Covello has represented for all transactions nationally include General Re, Scott Paper, Sunbeam, Honeywell and Pitney Bowes. Her role as an exclusive real estate provider for businesses with national and international requirements has spanned Hong King, Singapore, São Paolo, Mexico City, Juarez, Toronto, Montréal, Halifax, London, Madrid, Paris and Cologne. Ms. Covello has been a prominent board and committee member of many industry organizations, including the Real Estate Board of New York, the Urban Land Institute, WX, Young Men’s / Women’s Real Estate Association and the New York University Real Estate Foundation. Ms. Covello attended Columbia University and New York University.


Alain Farrelly

Currently Mr. Farrelly is Head of Equity Strategies at Ramius Alternative Solutions LLC, a NYC based Alternative Asset Manager. He is responsible for the underlying due diligence, selection and monitoring of the Firm’s investments in equity related hedge funds and factors. Since joining Ramius in 2003, Mr. Farrelly has been involved in every aspect of the group’s progressions, including operations and risk management. Prior to joining Ramius, Mr. Farrelly worked as an analyst in Merrill Lynch’s (MLIM) Alternative Strategies Group and at Brown Brothers Harriman. He received an MBA in Finance and Business Economics from Fordham University Gabelli School of Business in 2006 and a B.A. in Economics from Drew University in 1999.