Not All Clouds Are Created Equal

An effective cloud infrastructure solution empowers companies to reduce costs, enhance agility and deploy mission-critical applications. With such high stakes, businesses need to select a Cloud Services Provider (CSP) whose solution delivers the performance, reliability and scalability that adequately aligns with their strategic objectives.

The Cohere Cloud Solution

The Cohere Cloud Solution harnesses the power of the cloud so that your company can stay focused on your core business. Our engineers architect, manage and support all of your cloud workloads, 24x7x365. Cohere operates an extensive network of underlying physical servers within our data centers, employing the highest level of security, to ensure our clients are always connected and fully compliant. Our Cloud Solution provides a broad enterprise service, incorporating private, public and hybrid offerings. Featuring high availability, low latency, and high-performance storage and enterprise-grade server nodes, our cloud is designed for robust operation.

Highly scalable and flexible, your compute resources are available in real-time and on-demand. There are no physical or capacity constraints on any one server. And while Cohere is prepared for spikes in demand, there is never any unused capacity remaining when demand lessens. The Cohere Cloud Solution also offers clients an efficient pricing model whereby you pay only for what you use.


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