The High Cost Of Downtime

Disasters can take many different forms, both man-made and natural, including sabotage, power outages, equipment failure and extreme weather events. With the cost of downtime for small, medium-sized and large companies at over $8,000, $215,000 and $860,000 per hour, respectively, even short-term disruptions can mean dire consequences for organizations that are not adequately prepared with a viable Disaster Recovery (DR) solution.

We Know Recovery

In the event of a catastrophic event, Cohere’s DR Solution enables the recovery of your company’s vital technology infrastructure. We deploy a failover strategy and implement redundant systems customized for your business. If there is an interruption to your critical systems, your applications, websites and infrastructure will remain operational and your business will continue to function.

Cohere offers data backup and replication, and colocation at data center facilities across three continents. We also develop a disaster recovery plan that is adaptable and routinely updated whenever new hardware or software is added to your infrastructure, or if a new branch office or personnel connects to your corporate hub.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many firms in the New York metro area struggled to return to business and were forced to reevaluate their disaster recovery plans. Whereas Cohere’s clients were prepared, speedily recovered and restored their data and mission-critical applications, and remained operational.